Use Mind Mapping To Improve Your Memory

One of the reasons that I started doing this work and made a complete career change was the effect that Mind Mapping had on my work and now my life.

I try hard not to be evangelical about this powerful tool that was developed by Mr Tony Buzan but it is hard not to when you compare the amazing differences in cognitive performance when I use this tool instead of “conventional” ways that I stumbled across in school.

It is a complete thinking tool that fully harnesses your thinking capabilities in a way that is compatible with the way you naturally think.

It encompasses the full range of learning styles, is an efficient and effective way of organising your thoughts, assists in stimulating all of the brain and is fun and easy to do – if you use it in the right way.

I have encountered a few people in my time who say that Mind Mapping is not for them or that it does not work for them.  I certainly believe that anyone who says that either does not understand Mind Maps, has never been properly taught or more likely has been incorrectly taught in a way that has put them off them.

As a memory tool they are simply amazing.  When I am doing my seminars or keynote speeches I do a demonstration that has the entire audience experience as many as 75 facts across three different and unrelated subjects in less than 5 minutes.

I use Mind Maps to convey this information and when tested I have never had an audience get less than 90% correct when recalling the facts.  Every audience is pretty impressed with what they have achieved, especially when I show them the same information in written text form.

With kids it is even better because the joy in their faces when you see them realise just how much they can remember is an absolute delight.

So the moral of the story – If you want to improve your memory then you need to use the right thinking tools and I can think of none better than the Mind Map.

Keep coming back to my site and over the coming months I will tell you more about this amazing tool and how you can use it to improve your memory.

Do you use Mind Maps?  If so let me know how they help your memory.