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Successful Organisations Thrive Because Of Great Leadership

Great leaders are ordinary people who have discovered how to do extraordinary things through the efforts of others.  It requires an understanding of self, an appreciation of others and how they think and feel, together with the skill of shaping, conditioning and if necessary, challenging human behaviour.  For the last 6 years I have successfully worked with nearly 3000 leaders across a range of organisations and functions to help them do just that.


"How You Can Develop A Successful And Effective Tailored Leadership Development Programme For The Specific Needs Of Your People In Your Business"

Imagine sitting at the back of a training room and watching a group of your colleagues present their experiences of having developed their leadership abilities over the previous few months.

Feel the pride surge through every fibre of your body as they share the challenges they overcome, the problems they have solved and the lessons they have learnt from the programme you have developed for them.

Notice how previously shy and reserved characters now carry themselves with a confidence and assuredness that had eluded them before you chose them for this programme.

Spot how former arrogance of the know it all has been replaced with humility and compassion.

Marvel at how those who used to rush in are now more mindful of the situation and are far more controlled and considered in there approach to dealing with people.

And most of all notice the buzz around this group of people who appear to be more than just colleagues - they might even be confused for close friends because of the trust and vulnerability they display with one another.

But notice too there is now a hunger among them to start making some significant and lasting changes to the business that they are now congruently claiming as their own.

You begin to feel like a proud parent as you watch people grow into their true selves, especially when you have travelled and perhaps even shaped the journey they have taken.

I have been fortunate and perhaps even blessed to have witnessed that scene time and time again over the last few years in developing leaders...

...And you can have that too.

Here are just a few of the leadership traits I have helped leaders effectively learn, develop and integrate into their daily activities over the last 6 years...

The development of a Growth Mind Set towards their own leadership development AND its application to their teams
Becoming Emotionally Aware of their own state and that of others to help use Emotional Intelligence to get the best out of themselves and out of others too
To communicate effectively across a range of different styles and modalities to ensure the right message is framed in the right way at exactly the right time
To appreciate how people tick and what drives them in order to develop subtle yet powerfully effective influencing skills
Develop an appreciation of human behaviour in Designing, Leading and Managing Change effectively
A appreciation of the value of The Power of Positive Reinforcement and the development of the skill to use it to reinforce great business behaviours at all levels
Understanding the dynamics of human behaviour in the team environment and begin Developing and leading High Performance Teams
The importance of and the detailed how to of setting appropriate standards and expectations for high perfomance
How to effectively and respectfully hold people to account for their behaviours and their performance
How to have those really difficult conversations when they need to be had

I have made all the mistakes you can imagine, and discovered what works and what doesn't over the evolution of separate two leadership academies and four individual programmes working with over 3000 leaders... I have the battle scars to prove it!

I have made all the mistakes you can imagine, and discovered what works and what doesn't over the evolution of separate two leadership academies and four individual programmes working with over 3000 leaders... I have the battle scars to prove it!

If you have never set up and delivered a structured leadership development programme, there are some pitfalls you can avoid.  Because as I have discovered, there are certain things that need to be in place for a successful programme.  I have seen programmes fail and fall flat and then with the right tweaks resurrect them to become highly valued, in demand training initiatives.

There are 6 main areas required for a successful programme to work:

Full and advanced involvement of senior leaders (to include participation, endorsement and regular touch points)
The proper selection, screening and briefing of the right people to attend
A well run and highly efficient logistics team to ensure the programmes are organised professionally
A behavioural and practical framework to the content that means it can be immediately applied in the workplace

A credible tutor team with deep subject matter expertise and strong training, coaching and facilitation skills

A follow on support network to allow the developing leaders the time, space and encouragement to apply what they have learnt

All of these are important and I have personally seen programmes fail when just one of these was absent.

If you are thinking about developing the leaders in your business then perhaps we should have a chat.

At the very least I can give you some guidelines to think about that will help you avoid some of the pitfalls currently lying hidden in the path ahead of you.

So give me a call and we can set aside 30 minutes for an initial chat.

To find out how I can help you, please give me a call on +44(0)777 553 2612
or email me at
[email protected]

Michael has designed, developed, managed and presented award winning leadership development programmes across two large scale organisations (10,000+) for the last 6 years.  The programmes he has worked on have won the HR Network Scotland Learning and Development Award, been highly commended by the CIPD at their national awards and have won numerous internal training achievement awards.

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