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If you want your people to become more effective, more efficient and more focused then before they make those improvements, they need to understand what is stopping them from being so. Developments in neuroscience and brain scanning technology has discovered exactly why we are easily distracted - we are hard wired for it and rewarded too. Anyone can double their productive time by applying simple techniques that are in tune with the way their brain works.


"How You Can Have Your People do Even More In The Same Time"

The human brain is perfectly suited to an environment where fight or flight, survival of the fittest and small tribal groups form in order to survive.  That is how we are hardwired, that is how we are designed to behave.

We have been like this for over 250,000 years.

Put us together in an environment full of distractions - e mail alerts, telephone calls, meetings (random encounters and organised get togethers) - and it is no wonder our attention flits from item to item.

We get consumed by the trivia, rewarded by our brain for completing the easy stuff and put off the important things until it becomes a crisis or a deadline looms out of the fog of our frenetic activity.

Our brain's resist thinking too deeply about anything because it conserves vital energy and so many workers constrain their activities to the superficial.

But rather sneakily, the brain helps create rationalisations that justify our actions, we pat ourselves on the back when we emerge for the most recent (and usually avoidable) crisis and we think that is "normal".

Unchecked all of this creates inefficiency, ineffectiveness, mild to moderate mayhem and creates stress and overwhelm for the weak, heartburn and burnout for the strong.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

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Michael has been working on developing his own personal and productivity for over 30 years and has spent the last 10 years sharing his discoveries with other people.  More recently over 2000 leaders have experienced his Getting More Done training citing its impact as "staggering".

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