Has Audiences Learning, Laughing and Leaving Inspired

"Getting More Done" Keynote Presentation

Let Michael take your audience back 250,000 years to understand why we are addicted to distraction and how that affects us in today's workplace.  In this entertaining, engaging and experiential session, you will discover how to become intolerant of the trivial and learn how to get more of the important stuff done.


"Michael's enthusiastic delivery, Innovation, creativity and methods are quite exceptional, giving members the opportunity to sustainably save significant time."

Sir Eric Peacock, Academy of Chief Executives Chairman

Our very psychological and physiological make up means we will naturally be drawn to simple, survival based activities (yes, even email!) which will get in the way of getting the important stuff done every day.  Time Management isn't the answer (as you will discover).

The answer lies in understanding our natural tendencies and how to harness them to increase not only our levels of productivity but also the degree of satisfaction with our work.

Let Michael show you how.

Michael has been developing his own personal effectiveness and productivity from very early on in his professional career.  He was once described as the "Busy Man" by a former commanding officer - if you want to get something done then give it to the busy man.

He has researched, experimented, applied personal productivity techniques drawn from a wide range of disciplines.   Never intending to get into teaching it these ideas, the repeated question "how come you are so productive and get so much done?" prompted him to start sharing tips, tools and techniques for greater levels of personal productivity.

This highly engaging and interactive keynote presentation is perfect for the following audiences...

Busy People Looking For
The Edge

Busy people already have their own ways of getting stuff done.  Recent breakthroughs in neuroscience have identified more about how our brains operate and how we can harness its incredible powers for good giving those in the know an additional edge over others.

People Overwhelmed With
Too Much To Do

With so many things on our to do lists, it is very easy to become quickly overwhelmed. When you understand how and why the brain does this to you, you can quickly start to make different choices to gain back control of the things you have to deal with.

People Who Would Benefit From Greater Focus

Where you focus your attention is where you apply your efforts.  When you gain back control of your focus, then you will gain back control of the things you do and the results you achieve. Better Focus = Better Results.

This presentation is based on the work Michael has done with senior executives and CEOs with his "Hour a Day Workshop - How To Free Up An Additional Hour Of Productive Time EVERY Day".  It also draws upon his "Getting More Done" seminar he ran for 4 years training over 2000 leaders as part of the Leadership Academy of a major utility company.

Additionally this keynote presentation will help event organisers because...

It's A Perfect "Graveyard Slot Session"

The post lunch session at most events is where audiences are at their lowest energy levels and receptivity.  Michael’s high energy delivery and interactive style will give your people a mental and physical boost for the rest of the day.

It Is A Relevant Topic
for ANY Event

Trying to put together a balanced yet relevant event can be a challenge.  The subject matter presented in this session is a perfect complement to any event as its’ relevance to the needs of the busy professional is universal.

Its' Content and Delivery Style Makes It Uniqued

As well as being relevant, the way the session is delivered will certainly have the audience remembering it and will add even more spice and uniqueness to your event whether the audience is 5 or 5000 strong.

To find out how I can help you, please give me a call on +44(0)777 553 2612
or email me at
[email protected]

Michael has designed, developed, managed and presented award winning leadership development programmes across two large scale organisations (10,000+) for the last 6 years.  The programmes he has worked on have won the HR Network Scotland Learning and Development Award, been highly commended by the CIPD at their national awards and have won numerous internal training achievement awards.

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