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Hindsight's A Wonderful Thing

Coaching teenagers is such a rewarding thing to do..

It's definitely a stretch activity because of the need to connect with them across the generational gap.

But it's also immensely satisfying to build rapport, gain their trust in you & your guidance and see them grow as they experiment with it.

It can be frustrating too when their teen-wisdom feels they've a better way of doing something than the path you're steering them towards - a way you're pretty sure might end in tears.

Of course it's part of the process & good coaching allows them to learn from the consequences of actions they take...

But sometimes...

Just sometimes....

The idealist in me would like to short circuit the process and download some time tested wisdom and insight directly into their psyche to get them to a great result quicker.

So if you think of your 16 year old self...

What Life/Learning lesson would you want them to have back then? And if, somehow, you were able to travel back in time to share that with them...

Do you think they (you) would listen?

For me, I'd tell myself to be kinder to myself more...though I think I'd probably ignore that advice at 16.

Share your answers to those two questions in the comments

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