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"Profitable Positive Reinforcement" Keynote Presentation

In any organisation whether it be 10 or 10,000, its success will be based on the performance of its people.  In this session Michael explains both the neuroscience and psychology of Profitable Positive Reinforcement and how it can create a more brain friendly workplace to benefit the bottom line.


"Michael Tipper is a real asset to any organisation. He brings a clarity of thought which is exceptional. Furthermore, he is a dynamic, entertaining and witty speaker who gets his message across with amazing clarity. Every audience is motivated to positive change as a result of listening to Michael"

Graham Jones Internet Psychologist, Speaker and Author

We live in a (relatively) modern age of civilisation, technology and 24/7 interconnectivity.   Whilst we like to think we human beings are sophisticated and evolved, what motivates us AND how we are motivated are still based on deep primeval drivers.   Sadly most leaders and managers of people don't understand how to tap into and harness the incredible creativity and potential of their staff.

More than the sharing of the "carrot" and the avoidance of using the "stick", positive reinforcement is a simple yet extremely powerful way of creating the environment where your people WANT to be be brilliant, feel SAFE to be brilliant and so allow themselves to be brilliant.

Let Michael show you how.

This highly engaging and interactive keynote presentation is perfect for the following audiences...

Busy Professionals Who Want To Become Even Better Leaders

If you work alongside other people then you are a leader, even if you don’t have a team reporting directly to you. This session will demonstrate proven ways of having people willingly go “above and beyond” for you because it benefits them too.

Leaders Of Established High Performing Teams

If you have a High Performing Team then congratulations.  The challenge you now have is keeping them there because without the right input, it is very easy for even the best team to drift and return to mediocrity.  Positive Reinforcement is your answer.

Leaders of
Struggling Teams

Change the coach, change the approach and even a struggling team can turn around to become outstanding with the same people. One of the ways to do this is to tap into the power of positive reinforcement to strengthen the strengths and weaken the weaknesses.

Michael has been helping develop leaders in one of the most regulated and highly scrutinised industries in the world across two of its largest UK based organisations covering a population of over 20,000 people. At the centre of his leadership philosophy is the Power of Positive Reinforcement, the principles and practice of which he has helped teach to over 3000 leaders.

Additionally this keynote presentation will help event organisers because...

It's A Perfect "Graveyard Slot Session"

The post lunch session at most events is where audiences are at their lowest energy levels and receptivity.  Michael’s high energy delivery and interactive style will give your people a mental and physical boost for the rest of the day.

It Is A Relevant Topic
for ANY Event

Trying to put together a balanced yet relevant event can be a challenge.  The subject matter presented in this session is a perfect complement to any event as its’ relevance to the needs of the busy leader is universal.

Its' Content and Delivery Style Makes It Unique

As well as being relevant, the way the session is delivered will certainly have the audience remembering it and will add even more spice and uniqueness to your event whether the audience is 5 or 5000 strong.

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