How To Read Faster & Remember More

In this engaging and entertaining Keynote presentation your audience will experience startling memory abilities they weren't aware they had AND discover how they can TRIPLE their reading speed - all in a single session!

“Michael Tipper is fantastic!  From our initial interactions to participating in and presenting at our annual innovation conference, Michael was high energy, enthusiastic and informative"
Debora Mangone, Pfizer, New York USA

Everyone has the ability to remember and recall anything and read three times faster (even if they think they can't).

Let Michael show them how.

From nearly being kicked out of the Royal Navy for struggling with exams because he believed he had a poor memory to discovering how to use it more effectively and eventually going on to win the silver medal at the World Memory Championships, Michael Tipper understands how to develop our thinking in this current day and age.

Testimonial from Fran Capo, Worlds Fastest Talker

This highly engaging and interactive keynote presentation is perfect for the following audiences...

  • People Bombarded With Too Much To Read

    With so much information to process, there are significant benefits to being able to read three times faster (and more) to get through the huge volume of reports, e mails, memos, journals, books and magazines.

  • People With Unhelpful And Strongly Held Beliefs

    Everyone has beliefs and not all of them are supportive. Most people believe they have a poor memory.  After this session that belief will have been thoroughly discredited thus encouraging them to challenge other unhelpful beliefs.

  • People With A Thirst For Knowledge

    If you are not learning each and every day then already you are falling behind your competitors who are.  Understanding how to gather, process and commit vital commercial information to memory is a key skill.

This presentation is based on Michael's books and audio programmes on the topics of Speed Reading and Memory Improvement, together with his experience of working with thousands of people across the world to improve their memory and read more effectively.

Additionally this keynote presentation will help event organisers because...

  • It's A Perfect "Graveyard Slot Session"

    The post lunch session at most events is where audiences are at their lowest energy levels and receptivity.  Michael’s high energy delivery and interactive style will give your people a mental and physical boost for the rest of the day.

  • It Is A Relevant Topic for ANY Event

    Trying to put together a balanced yet relevant event can be a challenge.  The subject matter presented in this session is a perfect complement to any event as its’ relevance to the needs of the busy professional is universal.

  • Its' Content and Delivery Style Makes It Unique

    As well as being relevant, the way the session is delivered will certainly have the audience remembering it and will add even more spice and uniqueness to your event whether the audience is 5 or 5000 strong.

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