Today’s Friday Funny – Just a Quickie but you’ll love it!

Patient:  Doctor, Doctor, I think my memory is going!

Doctor:  When did this happen?

Patient:   When did what happen?

I have been having a trawl through my joke books and through the internet to find you an amusing memory ditty for you to chuckle on this fine Friday and I just had to tell you about last week’s joke.

I have found several versions of it and the funniest was a version where the person writing it had forgotten to add the punchline!  We shouldn’t mock the afflicted but we must laugh at ourselves and these jokes are presented to you in the knowledge that we have all made a memory gaff at sometime in our lives.

If I told you the sort of things I have forgotten in my time you’d wonder why I ever chose the career of “memory expert”.

However the reason that I chose this route was because I did have problems with my memory and I decided to find out how to deal with them.  Sharing my discoveries with others was the natural progression.

So just to show you that the label of “memory expert” doesn’t mean I don’t have bad memory days (when I don’t apply what I know), here are my top five memory gaffs.  Each of them have a story behind them to “justify” what happened but as we used to say in the Navy “why let the truth get in the way of a good dit” :-)

1.   On the very first day I gave a lecture about memory improvement, I forgot to pick up a colleague on the way to work.

2.   When I was married I once introduced my wife as Wendy (her name is Julie) – my dear Ex often tells me that now she understands why I am her Ex!

3.   I went on local radio to talk about memory and I got the name of the presenter wrong

4.   Years ago when doing some goal setting as I was deciding on what to do with my life, I set my number one goal as improving my memory.  A couple of days later when I was reviewing my goal list I noticed that my number 4 goal was also to improve my memory!

5.  Only recently I was at a social gathering and was being ushered from one group to another because the host wanted to show off her “memory expert” friend.  When being introduced to the first group of people, I wasn’t thinking and missed every single name and had a blank look on my face when someone said, “go on then, tell us what our names are!”  Fortunately I got out of that one and no one ever knew (might tell you about that in the future – pure finesse even if I do say so myself!