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On The BBC Talking About How To Remember Names

Winning the Silver Medal in the World Memory Championships all those years ago set me on a very interesting career path.

But it also gave fuel to my own 15 minutes of fame - I get asked to be on the BBC quite a lot to talk about memory.

Usually they're regional morning radio magazine slots.

I'll have 10 minutes between a discussion about cats doing funny things in others people gardens and a phone in about a local planning permission controversy.

Occasionally it's a national station like BBC Radio 5 Live where I’ll get 90 seconds before the evening news.

There's a number of potential reasons why I get a call from a show's producer

Sometimes it's to comment on the latest piece of headline worthy memory research.

Other times it's because a prominent celebrity has made a memory gaffe.

President Obama's mistakenly calling our then Chancellor of the Exchequer Geoffrey instead of George earned me a seat on the BBC Breakfast couch one year.

Last week it was because Boris couldn't remember the name of the Tory West of England Mayor.

So the topic of conversation was How To Remember Names. I was on for 20 minutes!

What tip would you have shared on that topic?


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