My Interview About Memory Improvement Techniques on BBC Radio Wiltshire

Memory Improvement Techniques are always a good topic for media interviews.

Questions always include “How can we improve memory?” and “What memory techniques do you recommend?” as well as a general discussion about why our memory seems to get worse with age.

I was on the road earlier this week when I received a call from Kate Kelly, a producer with the BBC at Radio Wiltshire.

They were doing a piece on recall and remembering as a result of a story about a young local girl who had won a prize for reading poetry from memory.

They wanted to know if I would go into the studios in Swindon and be interviewed by Lee Sloane.

Of course I agreed and met the delightful Kate and the charming Lee.

The interview went very well and probably for the first time I didn’t have to talk about the World Memory Championships – we just focused on ideas of benefit to the listener.

We covered some simple memory techniques and spent quite a bit of time talking about how to remember people’s names.

Underneath the photograph below (me presenting a copy of my book “Memory Power Up” to Lee), if you press play you can hear the whole short interview.