My Ebay Auction Results

Well the results of my e bay auction are now in….I had one bidder who snapped me up for the princely sum of 1p!  Well I was delighted that someone had bothered to bid and to be true my self worth took a bit of a knock :-) at such a massive bid.

I know that things would have been really bad if the bidder had asked for change!  However I was committed to sharing my ideas with one lucky student and if it was to be for a penny then so be it.

The winner of the bid was a university student who wasn’t buying for herself but for the son of a family friend.

What a marvellous gesture.

However she was told that he didn’t feel he needed the help.  So not only do I discover my true value but I get rejected too LOL :-)

So what an interesting lesson for me that was.

Here I am, an acclaimed specialist in helping people remember and learn more (over 65,000 people personally and over half a million people from programmes I have developed) ready willing and able to give my expertise for virtually nothing and no one takes up the offer.

Did I leave it too late for the GCSEs?

Are students just not interested?

Was my marketing of this ineffective?

Or…..gulp…..have I lost the touch?

So until next year when I will probably try and help someone else.  Maybe I will start earlier next time.