Mnemonics – One for the Great Philosophers

I don’t know about you but I am not really an expert on philosophy.

Much of it is above my head and whilst I like a good old ponder on the wonders of the world we live in and the people who inhabit this planet, I really don’t understand it.

Now that does not mean to say I don’t value or appreciate it, it is just that it is not my cup of tea – certainly not at a deep level.

However we have had some marvellous philosophers over the years and their contribution to society should never be under estimated.

The ones I can reel off without really thinking about it are Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato.

They are the ones that spring to mind straightaway for me anyway.

I don’t really know much about the other than one drank hemlock (not really clever if you ask me),  one taught Alexander the Great and the other smudged his name on the form when they were trying to decide what to call the 9th planet.

However the one thing I do know, and which is quite important if you are tracing the evolution of philosophical thought is who influenced who.

Of course us learned folk in the philosophical circles I mix in know full well that Socrates influenced Plato who influenced Aristotle.

How do I know that?

Well you already must have realised that I am no student of this great subject so how do I know?

Well first of all someone told me which is how I get quite a bit of my knowledge and understanding (have found that the source in the bar though is not as reliable as the librarian!).

But how do I remember it and continue to recall it so well to this day?

Well the answer is simple – I just remember this word:


These are of course the philosophers initial organised in the order of who taught who.

So if I am ever in a pub quiz and that question comes up – 10 points are mine for the taking.

Ok it is a very simple one but very effective nonetheless.

Have you got any similar mnemonics you would like to share with me?

If you have just pop them in a comment below and I will share them with the rest of my loyal readers.