Michael Tipper Starts Blogging

NOTE – This original post was made in 2007 but was lost in a server update.  It is now being reinstated with the rest of the blog. So since this was written things have moved on and the blog now covers three areas – Learning (which includes all of the stuff below), Productivity and Leadership Development.

At last after watching the phenomenon for the last 18 months I have decided to jump onto the bandwagon and have my own blog on the web.  Clearly I am not a blog pioneer but hey, better late than never :-). I have been running a web site of sorts for the last few years but it has been little more than a static “aren’t I great contact me here” sort of page which hardly changed at all except for when I got a new phone number.

So now this blog will be my main website and where my web presence will begin to consolidate and hopefully flourish as I share my findings with people like you.

So what does this mean to you as a visitor to my site and a reader of my posts?  Well unless you have found your way here completely by accident then I suspect that you might be interested in Making More of Your Mind.

I think I can possibly help in that area because not only has it been a real passion and interest of mine for over 25 years, I have been working in that field for the last 7 years helping thousands of people to get more from their mind.  And so that is what I will bring to you – all sorts of useful tips and ideas about how you can get more from your mind.

Specifically I will show you some great ways to:

  • Read much faster – here I will cover speed reading and all aspects of dealing with information overwhelm so that you will be able to confidently and rapidly deal with the vast amounts of data and information that comes flying at you on a daily basis
  • Learn things much quicker – accelerated learning has been a buzz phrase for a few years in both business training and educational circles but whatever your views are on this area, the fact remains that you can learn things quicker and easier with a few simple strategies.  The flip side of that is you can also teach things far more effectively too
  • Remember more for longer – If you think you have a problem with your memory, then the chances are that I can show you some very simple ways that you can improve it and get more from it.
  • Be a Better Student – To be an effective student these days requires more than just having a good memory.  The study skills and study tips that are necessary to achieve good grades can be learnt, are useful for the rest of your life AND can mean you spend LESS time studying but get BETTER results
  • Be much more creative – Your natural state is one of high creativity and innovation but unfortunately traditional educational methods does not nurture those qualities and in fact in many cases, suppresses them.  I will point you in the direction of how you can harness your creative talents and energies and return to your natural state.
  • Use Mind Mapping Properly– This amazing thinking and creativity tool developed by Tony Buzan can radically improve the quality of your thinking and effectiveness if you know how to use it properly.  I have seen literally thousands of people who have been mis-taught this fabulous device.  If you want to know how to use it properly then I think I can share some very useful tips with you.  (It also helps that I have worked very closely with Tony Buzan himself and so have been able to get some incredible insights from the man himself).
  • Keep Your Aging Brain Fit, Sharp and Alert – This is my latest area of interest because as I get older I want my brain to get stronger and my thinking to get sharper and from my research, this is not only possible, but entirely natural.  If you want to find out how to buck the natural (but not normal) expectations of society that seem to condemn older people to physical and mental decline then watch this space.

Of course if there is anything that you specifically that you would like me to cover then please do let me know and using the wonders of the internet, audio and video, I will do what I can.