Michael Tipper Goes MAD!

This week has already been an exciting week for me and it got off to a great start when I went and spoke at a client day held by The Go MAD Thinking Group run by Andy Gilbert and his team.

I have known Andy for a few years now and have watched the Go MAD brand grow and develop in that time.  If you are not sure, Go MAD stands for Go Make A Difference and is the basis of Andy’s philosophy.

I met Andy when he was doing his research that resulted in the GO MAD thinking process because I was part of his research.  When Andy heard about my performance at the World Memory Championships, he got in touch and asked me what I had done to Make A Difference to my memory.

It was a privilege to have been part of the research that lead to such a great philosophy of a practical system to Make A Difference in any area of your life.  Over the years I have also featured in Andy’s audio newsletter “The Art of Making a Difference” and more recently in his book and audio programme both entitled “Brain Magic”.

Andy was providing a “give back” day for some of his clients and invited me to be the guest speaker.  The aim of the day was to impart some ideas to encourage remarkable thinking.

The venue for the day was the National Space Centre in Leicester and so naturally the day had a space theme to it.  We discovered Andy’s rocket analogy to remarkable thinking, the beliefs and values of Yoda and Luck Skywalker from Star Wars and suffered innumerable space puns :-).

My session was an opportunity to share my HANDSHAKES process for remembering people’s names and I was given an hour to speak to the group that consisted of 80 energetic and enthusiastic GO MAD clients.

Learning how to remember people’s names is one of the things I am asked most about when talking about improving memory.  It seems that it is the problem that tops the list of what to remember.  The main reason why most people forget a name is because they do not have an efficient process for getting it and remembering it in the first place.

My HANDSHAKES process is a very simple method that guarantees that you will be able to remember a person’s name.  More about that in a future post but for now I’d like to thank Andy and his team (Graham, Annagale, Jules, Debs, Rob, Alex and Richard are the ones I met) for a great day and for the opportunity to speak to their clients.