Maximise Your Productivity…In Your Sleep?

If you are anything like me then you probably subscribe to lots of e mail newsletters and are on lots of lists.

I receive information about playing the guitar, about improving my health, lots about marketing and business development and a whole host of stuff from people who think that because I have given them my business card, it gives them the right to send me their e mail newsletter.

Don’t you hate that?

Opting in to someone’s newsletter on line and clicking that confirmation link in the follow up e mail tells them that you definitely want what they are going to send to you.

Exchanging business cards at a meeting or conference merely says “yes we have met, put me on your database and perhaps if there is anything I can do for you in the future then give me a call”.

It DOES NOT invite you into my e mail inbox with your automated mass mailings.


Ok I got that off my chest.

Now the of the stuff I do subscribe to 20% is dreadful, 70% is so-so but there is 10% that is absolute pure gold.

Unfortunately not everyone provides the same consistent quality so that is why I suffer some of the dross because I know sooner or later that person will send something of use.

One of the regular sources of pure and unadulterated gems and pearls of wisdom is internet marketer Gary Bencivenga.

He only sends out stuff every so often – just enough to remind you he is still around and not so much that he p***** you off.

But what he does send out is excellent.

His latest “bullet” (that’s what he calls his output) came to me a week ago and is very interesting indeed.

It was titled:

3 Secrets for Multiplying Your Productivity, Success, Income, and Personal Happiness as a Copywriter or Marketer

Forget the copywriter or marketer bit because this will apply to you what ever your do.

I am not going to steal Gary’s thunder by telling you what he wrote, just know it is good and if you apply his 3 secrets, you WILL definitely see an improvement in your productivity and effectiveness.

Thinking of doing something but can’t because you don’t have the time?

Well the solution might well be at the end of this link.

Let me know what you think.