I Am Off To Florida

Brrr it is cold here in the UK at the moment because of the coldest weather and the heaviest snow falls we have had in this part of the world for 18 years.

Now whilst I love the snow (nothing better than that crunchy feeling as fresh snow compacts under your boots) it is a bit of a hindrance when it comes to getting about the country.

This week has seen the UK and London in particular grind to a halt because of so much snow.

Well I would love to stay here and suffer/enjoy the cold weather but sadly duty calls and I am off to sunny (ish) Florida to attend Rich Scheffren’s GPS Elite conference in Boca Raton over the weekend and then spend some time with my buddy Terry Brock.

After spending so much time on stages around the world, it is going to be nice to let others do the work for once and let me have some input in my own development.

I am especially excited by seeing Rich Scheffren live.

If you are involved in business in any way shape or form then I suggest you get over to his site at www.strategicprofits.com because you will learn plenty about how to run your business more effectively and how to be highly productive and effective in this information rich world we find ourselves in.

This guy is good ….and I mean very good.

He is a HUGE exponent of Mind Mapping, speed reading and accelerated learning amongst other things and he uses these ideas to help him be extremely effective.

So not only am I going to learn about how to structure my business better but I am also going to learn things about my own area of specialisation and see how somone else uses it to great effect.

I will let you know how I get on.