How To Improve Your Memory – Michael Tipper On BBC Radio Wiltshire With Gavin McCoy

Well after putting out my press releases for my eBay auction in the middle of the week to offer my services to help a Wiltshire based GCSE student with their revision in the run up to the exams, I was contacted by the BBC and invited to do an interview with Gavin McCoy on the breakfast show.

I was called by the very lovely Annie, a researcher on the morning show who was a delight to deal with and we arranged for a 10.30 slot.  During the morning I got bumped back to 12.30 (felt like something out of “Drop the Dead Donkey”) to accommodate a breaking local story and finally got to speak to Gavin shortly after midday.

Working with broadcasters on some of these shows can be a bit of a lottery because occasionally you get the odd idiot who has a point to make, often at your expense.  Gavin was the consummate professional and set the interview up beautifully.

We discussed memory improvement in general, a bit about the world memory championships (always a good talking point that one) and then onto how students could prepare themselves a little more effectively.

Gavin gave me a great set up and not only was I allowed to promote the auction but I also got to plug my book (check out Thanks Gav!).  The last time I had such a good interview was with Susan Osman on BBC Radio Bristol a couple of years ago – must be the BBC – well at least I know the license fee is going to good use.