How To Be A Better Student – Local Newspaper Coverage

Fame at last.  I have reached page 4 of The Chippenham Gazette and Herald.  The story about me offering my services via auction to help a GCSE student has certainly attracted some interest locally.  First there was the BBC last week and now one of the local papers.

Hopefully this will give someone the inspiration and motivation to put in a bid on ebay to get my help for their GCSEs.  All they have to do is search on Wiltshire GCSE help and they will find the auction.  No reserve price, in fact they could get the equivalent of £3000 worth of my time for a few pence – now either that is a complete bargain or I am grossly over-charging!!! :-)

We’ll see what happens.  I know that I can help a student at the very least reduce the stress of exams and at best give them the skills and knowledge to make passing them a doddle.  Even at this late stage (only 4 weeks left to go).  I have had little interest so far which is interesting…I suppose you can take a horse to water……