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The Government Cancelled This Year's Exams, But....It Doesn't Mean There Won't Be Any!

I bumped into a teacher friend recently.

Someone I'd not seen since before the lockdowns started last year.

We had a good chinwag about our experiences and how our respective work had been affected.

With my interest in teaching study skills, I asked about the government's decision to cancel this year's exams.

How was she and her colleagues going to assess students and give them a credible grade if they weren't going to sit any formal exams?

Well it seems there are a number of potential variables at play here, one of which might still be sitting some form of semi-formal exam.

So whilst a huge swathe of our student population might have initially breathed a huge sigh of relief, it appears many may still hear that phrase "turn your papers over" after all.

If you could share your best piece of study/revision advice to GCSE and A Level students (or the international equivalents), based on your experience, what would that be?

Mine is to spend more time recalling information from memory after you have learnt it once, ideally with flash cards or mind maps.

Add your gem in the comments and I'll collate the best ones and share them.

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