Michael's Testimonials

Here are just a few of the many testimonials Michael has received over the years for his speaking, training, consulting, facilitation and coaching work.

Michael, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued participation and effort at the Personal Finance Society’s Annual Conference last week.  This was once again an overwhelming success and we couldn’t have done it without you.  I do hope you enjoyed the experience and excellent camaraderie – I certainly did. I very much look forward to meeting you again in the not too distant future. Once again many thanks for all your help.

Tim Eadon , Chief Executive Personal Finance Society
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Michael Tipper, a veteran speaker for the Academy of Chief Executives, gave an inspirational and learning-fillled workshop on July 9th to my ACE Leaders Forum Group 6. It was both inspiring and practical, filled with useful information that members could be put to immediate use.

How valuable is it to find an extra hour a day? It is like finding money in the street, one of my members was quoted as saying.

The best testimonial is -- would I book him again? And the answer to that is yes, which I have already done and he is due to speak to my ACE group 11 on November 5th.

Michael should be used by every ACE chairman who wants to give added value to their members. He is quite simply outstanding.

Joe Adams, , Chairman, Academy of Chief Executives Group 11 and Leaders Forum Group 6

I've not often met a presenter in business or in the world of education who has real depth as well as entertainment value. Too many speakers have a thin veneer of underpinning knowledge to support their shiny message, or have the charisma of a goat. Michael is a rare individual who really does have a deep understanding of his craft and is wonderfully charming in the manner in which his stories unfold. If you haven't experienced a day with Michael then put it on your must-do list for prompt action. You'll thank me

Nick Drake-Knight, Presenter, Facilitator and Coach

Thank you once again for your energy and enthusiasm that made Saturday’s training day so successful. The feedback has been excellent and our feeling was that delegates really got something of great value from the day that they can feedback to their branch colleagues. Thanks again and I hope to work together in the future.

Neil Newman, Deputy Membership Services Manager, Association of Accounting Technicians

Awesome, a day which will be diarised in my personal album!  This was really a great honour to have spent almost 2 hours of intense lecturing with a well known person in his field of education. It was sometimes hard to express myself during the session, but hoped that you have also gained out of this as much as I did. I want to thank you for giving back to the world your expertise and experience. If only this was available when I was younger, but as the saying is going, you are never too old to learn. By making contact with you my world has changed today. Who knows and hopefully I can share my experience back to you and together we could empower the new comers to the industry on this part of wisdom they will need for their career

Etienne Grobbelaar , Real Estate Agent, Sydney Australia

I have had the privilege of seeing Michael in action and he delivers exceptional value to business owners within the areas of information management and retention, time management and ordered thinking. Owner managers and Operational Directors have a myriad number of things they must do on a daily basis; part of that is filtering key information from “noise” and prioritising accordingly. The best business people are those that have good memories and deliver solutions and initiatives with agility and speed. Michael helps achieve those aims with his inspiring methods, delivered in an engaging and entertaining manner. I heartily recommend him.

Jeff Brooks, Director, Recruitment and Employment Confederation

Michael was the guest expert at several of my Elite Leaders Groups and gave one of the best sessions of the year. He knows his subject extremely well, but more importantly, delivers it in a way that truly engages his audience. I am used to seeing speakers in my role, so it takes a lot to impress me, Michael certainly did. I actually used his book to help my kids with their memory techniques as the exam period loomed, they loved it. I'd recommend Michael to anyone looking for something inspirational.

John O'Sullivan, Managing Director Elite Leaders Ltd

I am writing to say a huge thank you for your presentation at our residential revision course for young people at Homerton College, Cambridge. I was greatly impressed by the talk you gave the group; it was so interesting and entertaining - and thought provoking. The feedback from the young people was, without exception, very positive and everyone came away with new vigour. Thank you so much.

Felicity Evans, Corporate Parenting Officer, Hertfordshire County Council

Michael's enthusiastic delivery, Innovation, creativity and methods are quite exceptional, giving members the opportunity to sustainably save significant time each week. His programme comes with an Eric health warning "do not use this programme if you have not got something useful to do with the 1/2 day a week free time that this will yield you!

Sir Eric Peacock, Academy of Chief Executives Chairman

I had the great pleasure of chairing two groups of the Elite Programme for which Michael was the keynote speaker. He is mighty impressive and imparted a host of life enhancing tips in a practical, energetic and humourous manner; he is perhaps one of the most engaging speakers I have experienced in many years and quickly won over the hearts and minds of this highly demanding group of business professionals. He is passionate, like all great speakers must be, but has a conviction that inspires his audience to give him the benefit of the doubt (a unique talent), trust him and open then open their minds and play with some radical suggestions. I played along, like you tend to do as a chairman, and soon found myself a 'Tipper Convertee'. It might be an overstatement to say he has changed my life but it would be fair to say he has convinced me that if I want to find some 'me' time in my hectic working life then it is possible - he reminded me that if I believe I can, I can! More impressively, I have! Thanks Michael.

I would recommend Michael to all those in business who want to engage a speaker who is genuinely going to simulate the team, get them thinking about and challenging their routine and looking for new and better ways to make work:life balance a commercial reality not just a fashionable theory.

Having spent some time with Michael I learned that he has a wealth of experience and a host of specialist subject areas which make him a highly attractive asset and so much better than many of the 'one-trick-ponies' on the speaking circuit.

Gareth Osborne, Chairman Elite Group

Michael, just a quick line to thank you for an excellent session at The Academy's Midlands Regional Conference in Stratford. Your understanding of the group's needs was impressive, your tailoring and preparation was excellent, your content was very "real" with lots of practical tips and takeaways and your rapport and use of humour was a master class in itself. You have great talent and I am confident that The Academy for Chief Executives will be back for more in the months and years ahead!

Phil Jesson , Director of Speaker Development for The Academy For Chief Executives

Michael’s energy and his enthusiasm for his subject are infectious! Mind mapping and speed reading techniques were soaked up by our members and guests in a fun and interactive session from which we all agreed we had emerged with improved skills.Michael was skilled at developing rapport with everyone present - in what could have been a challenging day - and was great to deal with both before and after the meeting.

Karen Humble , Chairman Academy of Chief Executives Group 23

I had the privilege to see Michael at a recent ACE Speaker Showcase where he was the top rated speaker.  In a short session, his energy, entertaining style, and value-adding material made him one of the most memorable of the various speakers seen at the event, and as result I booked him to speak on behalf of Williams Medical Supplies.  What impressed me the most about the way Michael prepared for the event was that he took the time and effort to have an in-depth conversation with both myself and various customers with a similar role to the target audience that he was addressing. This detailed and impressive research ensured that Michael could tailor his material to the exact needs of my audience, enabling my customers to relate with him easily. Through his studious preparation work, Michael, in his own unique way, was able to provide practical & immediate tips that could help them to save time to truly focus on the value-adding aspects of their roles. Michael's energy, bubbly personality, and passion is inspiring. His style ensures that the material presented is as entertaining and enjoyable as it is practical and value-adding. This is a skill of a top quality public speaker. He received all 9 & 10s on the feedback forms completed at the event. More impressively though, in conversations with customers nearly 3 months since he spoke, the delegates still take great pride in citing his 10 memory tips.  Michael’s presentation is Inspiring and A guaranteed bet for an interesting, entertaining, and value-adding session, I will definitely be looking to work with Michael further over the coming months.

Andrew Jenkins , Williams Medical Supplies

I enjoyed Michael's session and so did our members. You could see light bulbs coming on around the room as each person realised how they could make themselves more time each month, week and year by implementing his practical solutions.

Alex Arnot, Co-founder Elite

Our audience consisted of a diverse mix of members from different dental teams. Michael’s professionalism and expertise was clearly evident with many delegates rating him “above excellent”. To witness (and be part of) 100% audience participation was brilliant and we plan to invite him back sooner than later. Comments from delegates include: “Michael Tippers talk was so encouraging and positive” “Michael was fantastic…wouldn’t mind seeing him again” “Michael Tipper – Excellent” “Michael was brilliant; could we please have him again!!” “Michael Tipper, what can you say except “learning” can be such fun!” “As well as very entertaining, a boost to confidence that you are never too old to improve learning

Fran Marriott , OHE CPD Group Co-ordinator

I am writing to say a huge thank you for your presentation at our residential revision course for young people at Homerton College, Cambridge. I was greatly impressed by the talk you gave the group; it was so interesting and entertaining - and thought provoking. The feedback from the young people was, without exception, very positive and everyone came away with new vigour. Thank you so much.

Felicity Evans , Corporate Parenting Officer Hertfordshire Aim Higher

Michael Tipper is a gentleman I've known for several years through my involvment with Professional Speakers Association in the UK and his attendance at the National Speakers Association in the US. Michael is one of the smartest and kindest people I know. He is brilliant to say the least. He mastery of memory and speed reading will take your breath away. He has a knack for explaining tough concepts in simple, easy to understand and, at times, hilarious ways. Yes, he is very creative and a genius. Most of all, Michael is a person that I am proud to call a very good friend. You will enjoy knowing this man. Your life will be better for having encountered him.

Terry Brock , Owner, Achievement Systems, Inc

Michael Tipper is a real asset to any organisation. He brings a clarity of thought which is exceptional. Furthermore, he is a dynamic, entertaining and witty speaker who gets his message across with amazing clarity. Every audience is motivated to positive change as a result of listening to Michael. Having experienced Michael's support at first hand, I know that he genuinely wants to help people achieve more. Always positive and friendly you cannot fail to warm to him and be thankful for his advice and support. Michael is a true expert in his field and it's difficult to think of any business or organisation which could not be improved by his input.

Graham Jones , Internet Psychologist, Internet Consultant, Professional Speaker and Author

Michael is one of the best presenters of learning related material I have ever met. His knowledge of the subject is truly extensive and his style warms, entertains and educates his audience. He has that rare gift of being academically astute and funny at the same time! I highly recommend Michael to you as both an accomplished professional speaker and a terrific human being.

Martin Goodyer , Behavioural Psychologist & Expert Speaker on Behavioural Change

Michael is a thoroughly professional and engaging speaker with the ability to hold his audience, whether for a short presentation or a whole day's training. I've seen him work with my colleagues and for a group of our children (8-15 yrs old) and he has had us all spell bound; tremendous fun and learning value! I recommend him to you just as I have recommended hom to others over the years.

Dr Deborah Swallow , International Management Consulting Professional

Michael knows really useful stuff that you wish you had known years ago. Michael explains really interesting stuff in a really interesting way. Michael helps you learn practical stuff, that you can immediately apply, using engaging and clever skills. A great speaker who delivers the goods and leaves audiences thirsty for learning more good stuff. A really nice guy, with great values, who knows his stuff and delivers it well. I recommend you ask him to share his stuff with you.

Andy Gilbert , Speaker, Author, Coach, Business Improvement Consultant, Thinking Engineer, Pragmatist & Visionary Entrepreneur

Michael, I was delighted with your workshop. It was practical, involving, dynamic and absolutely relevant for every person there. Your enthusiasm, vigour and humour made it very easy to get on board with what you were saying. The feedback (we rated you as 8.2) confirms that we all came away with clear and immediate benefits and a plan to apply further learning. Thanks, you were brilliant!

Mike Wilsher , Academy of Chief Executives

Michael made a dramatic impact on the audience. He had to hold everyone's attention after lunch on the final day of our conference. Michael's topic was well received and we had very positive feedback from all at the conference. There was the right balance of audience participation, especially presented in a fun environment and non-threatening. All participants took away something that would improve their ability to retain information He was positive and we all took away something to improve our day to day performance.

Len Lindon, Shell International Ltd

I am writing to say just how positive the feedback was from the delegates. The objective of the Conference was for individuals to return to their offices with new skills (both technical and personal) and you certainly met this objective. Thank you for delivering such an innovative session at our conference.

Anne Collins, National Financial Planning Manager, Grant Thornton

May I take the opportunity to thank you on behalf of the Rotary Wing Support Group, and in particular those of us who attended the course recently. We all found it fascinating and a very useful 2 days. The amount of effort that you put in both before and during the course, made it most enjoyable and informative. I, and many of the other attendees have returned to the normal day job, but with a new outlook on life. As the TLO, I will certainly promote the course to others within the wider community, and I am sure you will be kept busy in the future. Lt Col Bywater was disappointed not to be able to attend, and even more so now that he has had the feedback from us who did. I have had only positive feedback from those that attended. Once again, many thanks for providing us with the course and best wishes for the future.

P A Brown, Defence Logistics Organisation

I am writing to thank you for the inspirational session you ran for our "Product and Capabilities Bootcamp Training" sessions recently. I am pleased to be able to confirm that many of the sales and support people who attended your session are using "mind mapping" as a natural day to day vehicle for note taking, workshopping, presentation development and creativity sessions. This is a real measure of your skill and enthusiasm in helping everyone develop these new learning skills. Then feedback from your session was excellent…and we'll be getting you back for the next round of events as a result (another measure of success). Many people found the session informative, very useful to them in their work and general lives and of course a lot of fun, which helped it stick. Then quality of our following training sessions was greatly improved as we followed your design using the Accelerated Learning Principles for the main content of the sessions and using Mind Maps for the summary outputs. So thanks for your very valuable contributions to our training programme and I look forward to working with you in the futures.

Phillip Ellis, Mitel Telecom

My objectives in inviting you to deliver to the technical training team have been fully met. They left the workshop inspired to use the knowledge and skills, and have already started to use some of the skills in practice and to develop their creative training skills

Maureen Hawtin, Prudential

It is with great pleasure I write this letter of thanks to you for the success of our recent Club Event at the Wessex Hotel. Your presentation on Mind Mapping was found to be most beneficial and the delegates were certainly inspired by your speech. Delegate feedback was extremely and your explanation of Mind Mapping was most enjoyable and entertaining. Specific comments relating to your technique highlighted the excellence of your performance. Thank you once again for your invaluable contribution

Dawn Shepherd , Dorset TEC

I am writing on behalf of Carl French and the IoD Committee to thank you for the entertaining and informative talk you gave to the Hertfordshire Institute of Directors at Sopwell House. The room felt alive as everyone listened and I think we all learnt a lot about reading, memory, assimilation of information and Mind Maps. The whole event was a great success, I've heard so many glowing comments about your that if your ears aren't burning, they should be. One member told me he thought you were the best speaker we'd had at a Herty Breakfast [the largest IoD meeting outside of London] and I was impressed at the way you had obviously done your homework about the IoD and related to the audience.

Marion Ohlendorf, Institute of Directors

Would you please pass on my sincerest thanks to Michael Tipper for speaking at the CIPD Conference and Convention. It was fascinating and he certainly had the audience in his hands

Sue Green, Chartered Institute of Professional Development

Thank you for what proved to be a most entertaining and instructive presentation at our conference. It certainly closed the conference on a high note and for that I am grateful. I now know how to improve my memory.

Colin Stenning, Conference Chairman, The Institute of Financial Planning

Our Millenium convention last week was a striking success and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping to make it so. Thank you once again for your outstanding contribution.

Dee Doocey, PIMS (Richmond Events)

Dorset TEC has now employed the services of Michael Tipper on three occasions and would be happy to employ him again should the opportunity arise. He has spoken at two conferences and also done a one-day seminar. Michael is very professional at all times and a pleasure to work with. He is well organised, efficient and dedicated. Evaluations from all three events were extremely good. He has a real passion for the topics he speaks of and this comes over whenever he speaks. He relates well to all ages and backgrounds and has an ability to inspire all that he speaks to. He uses humour, illustrations and variety to keep his audience "captivated". I would recommend him without reservation for speaking at conferences or workshops.

Robin Foster, Lifelong Learning Contracts Executive

Just a short note to express my extreme gratitude for your outstanding presentation at the 20th LIA Annual Convention. Feedback from the delegates has thus far been 100% positive.

Mike Clarke, Convention Committee Chairman, Life Insurance Association

Michael Tipper was invited to the Faculty Staff Development Conference Day based on recommendations from academic staff. Michael's presentation was thorough, with every opportunity being taken to apply aspects of the presentation to the Faculty context. The style of delivery was engaging and interactive, whilst being informative and offering scope for individual thought and development. The content covered within the hour was impressive, with staff particularly valuing aspects of the presentation related to improving memory and speed reading. I have no doubt that Michael will be invited to return to the Faculty in the future.

Pam Moule, Staff Development Co-ordinator, Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of the West of England

Thank you for an excellent meeting last night. Not only was your subject interesting and useful, but you presented it in an entertaining way - clearly demonstrating the principles you explained help in training the mind! Many Thanks.

Margaret Fuller, Institute of Qualified Private Secretaries

Thank you for your time at the LIA regional meeting recently. I found your talk most interesting

Richard Langford, Executive Broker Consultant, Skandia Life

I was aware from the dialogue from the evening that the event was well received and I have now collated all of the evaluations and I am in a position to supply feedback to you from the members who were requested to rate the speaker, content of presentation and relevance to business. You rated as excellent in all areas. Some of the comments included - Brilliant, fun, highly useful, presenter made the seminar flow well and easy to understand

Marie Roberts, Business Link Lincolnshire and Rutland

Thank you very much for speaking at the forum meeting last week. The feedback that we received from your presentation was superb and many delegates spoke to me personally to say how much they enjoyed your session. Once again thank you for a most enjoyable presentation

Tracy Wood, Chartered Insurance Institute

On Behalf of the Directors of the LIA "Thanks" for your contribution to the success of our recent meeting. The attendees and I appreciate, fully, the time and energy you gave to us. It is a satisfaction to know that people such as you are willing to share their knowledge and skills so that others can improve their own professional development. In this way your contribution to our industry is so valuable

Malcolm Tripp, Life Insurance Association

Thanks for your presentation today - it was fantastic, as usual. At a first glance of my evaluation forms I would say your session has been identified as being the most interesting and informative by the majority of delegates. Well done!

Diane Stone, University of the West of England

As chairman for the Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire region of the LIA I formally thank you on behalf of the committee and local members for your time with us and your presentation at our recent meeting. You have already spoken to a few attendees which confirms that they were delighted with your message. I know other members were equally pleased and will benefit from your message. I look forward to meeting you again soon

Nigel Murphey, LIA

Thank you for your (once again) excellent presentation. I know our staff and students enjoyed it and found it worthwhile and the comments so far received are all very positive. I look forward to receiving the evaluations and I look forward to working with you again

Peter Green, Quality Co-ordinator, Weymouth College

I was privileged to see you perform at Money Marketing's Bristol IFA event last week and I would like to thank you for helping me realise how practical and relevant the ideas are to me personally. I had conned myself into believing, reinforced by the comments of others, what a lousy memory I have. Well now I know differently…I have heard and read before about many of the things you said but you brought them alive to me so thank you

Nick Whelan, NCW Associates

On behalf of the Steering Group and the delegates of Class of 2000, I would like to thank you for your contribution to a most successful conference. The immediate response from the delegates is that they really enjoyed and benefitted from your session and felt that you had helped them to achieve their objectives. On a personal note may I extend my thanks to you for your commitment to deliver a very informative and interesting session

Simon Lowe, Healthcare Financial Management Association

Thank you for your recent session - the response was very positive. The staff were talking about this afterwards and have enthused other staff and would encourage them to participate in any future sessions. So I hope that you are able to do a repeat session. The INSET replies were extremely positive. The staff rated 5-6 (which are the highest on our scale) for relevance, value, presentation and recommending to other staff. From your visits to date I am certainly recommending you to colleagues in schools as I think that the skills you teach are invaluable to students. Thank you once again and I look forward to your next visit

Peter Green, Weymouth College

What a performance! You certainly made our Annual General Meeting one to remember (in more ways than one!). There have been a great many favourable comments about the content and delivery of your presentation. The composition of the "audience" was quite diverse ranging in age from people in their 20s to a number of senior octogenarians. The fact that you were able to hold everyone's interest and attention throughout is an accolade in itself. So a very big thank you for so generously giving us your time and expertise and on a Saturday afternoonWhat a performance! You certainly made our Annual General Meeting one to remember (in more ways than one!). There have been a great many favourable comments about the content and delivery of your presentation. The composition of the "audience" was quite diverse ranging in age from people in their 20s to a number of senior octogenarians. The fact that you were able to hold everyone's interest and attention throughout is an accolade in itself. So a very big thank you for so generously giving us your time and expertise and on a Saturday afternoon

David Harwood, Chief Officer, Age Concern

Thank you so much for helping to make my first prize giving as Principal of the college such a success. Comments that I have received since the ceremony indicate that students, guests and staff all enjoyed it immensely. It takes a special talent to be able to appeal to all age groups. Your jokes are always guranteed to get teenagers attention and the art of stimulating memory processes makes the older members of the audience sit up and take notice! Once again many thanks for being a superb guest speaker

David Henley, Principal, Kingston Maurward College, Dorchester

Thank you very much for speaking at our ESF Celebration Event. As before in Dorset, the audience was captivated both by your subject matter and the way in which you delivered it. Quite a few lecturers have popped into the office to say how much they enjoyed your input. I hope we shall have the opportunity to work together again in the future

Carole Millard, Head of Adult Education, Stratford-upon-Avon College

I am writing to thank you on behalf of the University of the West of England and the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Adult learning group for your support during Adult Learners' Week. Your lively and entertaining lectures at the University on Monday and Thursday were very well received. Award winners and their guests at the Award Reception on Monday evening particularly enjoyed your stimulating input into the celebrations. Thank you very much for your continued and much appreciated support. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Diane Stone, Co-ordinator, Community Action Centre, UWE

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent presentation at our recent LIA meeting in Belfast. Your topic was covered very well within the limited time available and was well received by the audience. We all gathered some excellent ideas for studying for our professional qualifications. The Northern Ireland Region would be delighted to have you speak again

Claire Geddis, S.Hill & Co Investment Advisors

On behalf of the LIA I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave at the Regional Conference. The feedback from the attendees was very positive, in particular the tips on how to remember names were well received. The whole subject of learning and developing memory is most important to our members in view of the launch of the Pinnacle Programme. You managed to put your information over in a lively and humourous way to entertain the audience as well as inform

Annie Thorpe, Regional Services Manager, LIA

Thank you very much for running the sessions on "Harnessing the Learning Brain" in college this week. The feedback from participants was extremely positive and several have asked for further sessions, especially for students. The mix of attention-grabbing presentational skills and relevant, interesting content has really engaged the staff who attended

Anne Tate, Weymouth College

This is just to say thank you for such a stimulating session last week. Going quickly through the evaluation sheets it's very clear that you were warmly and enthusiastically received. Many Thanks

John Davies, Head Teacher, Kingsfield School, Kingswood

Thank you for your input on the recent "Summer School". We've received some excellent feedback, people thought the content was not only interesting but provided lots of ways of improving their learning styles. Comments were also very positive about your style of delivery, clear and energetic with a good sense of humour. Though we enjoyed the lecture you gave for us in May during Adult Learners' Week, this one was even better!

George Robinson, Community Action Centre, UWE

Thank you for your kind invitation to your lecture at the University of the West of England entitled "The Brain, Memory and Mind Mapping". I was very impressed with the content and delivery of your material. In addition you inspired the audience and made them interactive with you. The skills you demonstrated were excellent and grabbed the attention of the audience at all times. Your skills as a speaker are outstanding. You were calm, confident and above all interesting

Amanda Wylie, Superintendant Radiographer, RUH Bath

I just wanted to write to you to thank you formally on behalf of all those who attended our conference for such an entertaining and educational presentation - your lecture and the manner in which you presented it is proof than learning can be fun! You managed to cover an enormous amount in such a short time - I only wish we had longer - but the various means of self-development of our memory and skills were clear and concise and I am sure we all feel more confident about our memories and shall work on making further improvements. Once again thanks for an excellent presentation

Jocelyn Barton, Chairman Wales/Cymru Branch of the Institute of Qualified Private Secretaries

Just a short note to thank you so much for the very informative talk you gave to our delegates at our Telford Seminar last week. We were all very impressed. We are confident that the methods you described will without doubt increase the effectiveness of our distributor force and subsequently affect our turnover in a positive way. In addition to the tips you gave on remembering people's names will obviously improve everyone's relationship and people skills, an essential part of an effective business today

Bernie and Pat Lewis, IBS Distributor Group

I just wanted to drop you a little note to say thank you very much - you helped me loads with my psychology coursework and with general study advice. I'm very pleased to let you know I got an A* (please take extra note of the * !!) - Although I would like to take some credit myself for the result I still felt the desire to thank you - not only for revision techniques but also for desperately trying to get me to be more positive

Tracey Lee, DGSM Trainers Admin

We first booked Michael Tipper for a seminar session in 2002. He proved so interesting and his subject so involving that he became the first speaker to be asked back to another BIBA Conference

Nick Chapman, British Insurance Brokers Association Conference Organiser

I first met Michael when he was featured as a main platform speaker at the Personal Finance Society Conference. I'm sure most participants at the event would have regarded his subject matter as little more than a motivational sideshow, of minimal relevance to them ... before they heard him speak. He has a fantastic and very sincere presentation style and did a fabulous job, keeping over 1000 Financial Advisers enthralled throughout. I personally thought that Michael's was the best talk of the entire conference, and told him as much. As the person responsible for marketing the event, I had access to all of the feedback on all of the speakers at the event. Sure enough his performance was very highly regarded and his talk met or exceeded the expectations of 98.7% of participants — better than any other main platform speaker. He is not only a top rate speaker and presenter, with an arsenal of stories to illustrate the points he wants to communicate, but he is a genuine person who truly wants to help other people, and it shows straight away when you meet him. I am therefore delighted to recommend him very highly.

Robert Clay , Founder & CEO, DSP Solutions UK Ltd.