Attention Parents Wanting To Give Their Teenager An Unfair Advantage In The Study Skill Stakes:  Here’s a way that your teen can get ahead of the rest of the pack by tapping DIRECTLY into the expertise of one of the UK’s leading study skill specialists.

“Discover The Fast Track Way To Equip Your Teen With Study Skills That Will Dramatically Increase Their Ability & Confidence To Do Even Better In Their Exams, Making YOU And Your Teen The Envy Of All The Other Parents"

Dear Concerned Parent,

Preparing for important exams is a difficult time for your teenager.

There’s the stress of the extra workload of studying on top of what they cover in class; there’s the pressure of juggling their social, family AND school commitments (usually in that order); and of course there is all that teenage growth spurt/hormonal stuff going on as well.

No wonder they get overwhelmed, stressed and just downright irritable.

So how do you help?

Well unfortunately when they arrived in this world and you were given the gift of being a parent, that role of being a trusted source of comfort and guidance was inevitably going to end as soon as they hit their teenage years.

It is part of their evolution as a human being.

Sadly the timing couldn’t be worse.

As A Parent, It Is Possible You Are The Last Person Your Teen Will Turn To For Advice

Just when they most need your guidance and benefit of your experience, they are least receptive to it.

No matter how well you know something or how good you are at doing things, because you are in the “Parent” bracket, you are immediately going to be ignored or whatever you say will be discounted before the sound even hits their ears.

Family atmospheres in these circumstances range from parents being mildly frustrated that their offspring won’t listen to rage fuelled door slamming sessions because you just don’t “understand” them.

Either way, with the best will in the world you are at this stage of their life, temporarily redundant as an advisor.

Which is unfortunate as when they are preparing for their exams, you can probably see a lot of things they could do differently to increase their chances of getting good grades.

The trouble is, they aren’t receptive to what you have to say, because it is you who is saying it.

So what do you do?

Does Your Teen Need Help With Study Skills?

Well let’s just narrow down what we are talking about here.

First of all, if your teenager has got study skills nailed, they are confident of their abilities, do well in school and have a track record of methodical and effective preparation for their exams, then you and they probably don’t need my help.


If your teen struggles to remember the things they have to learn, gets stressed out a exam time, finds themselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of stuff to revise and you can see they are struggling with it all...

Then I might be able to help...

…especially if you know deep down at the bottom of your heart that they have got what it takes, they just haven’t tapped into it just yet.

My name is Michael Tipper and I am a Memory and Learning Specialist (some would say “expert” though I prefer not to use that term). I have developed a deep understanding of what it takes to learn and remember just about anything.

I have applied that knowledge and developed my own skills and now teach and have taught hundreds of thousands of young people the same.

It hasn’t always been that way.

When I was a 16 years old I thought I had a bad memory.

But thankfully I was driven enough to find out whether I could change that.

And I found I could.

Being Good At Learning And Passing Exams Is A Skill ANYONE Can Develop

After investing in a memory improvement course I discovered that I could learn and remember anything I wanted, for as long as I wanted.

It was a choice.

A choice I could make once I was armed with a little understanding about how the brain works; once I was equipped with a few simple tools and techniques; and once I had a strategy of how to apply myself to what I wanted to learn.

And so I made what in hindsight was the right choice.

I applied my new found skills and knowledge and as a result passed every exam I took, usually coming top or at least very close to the top in the technician’s apprenticeship I was taking at that time.

As a result I was selected to go to university and I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering achieving a first class (with honours) pass.

My later professional training was littered with awards and prizes for my academic achievement - all because I had a better set of skills.

It wasn’t because I was any brighter than my peers. It was because I had a strong work ethic AND more importantly I had the right tools and techniques to apply.

One of the things that nagged me throughout all of this was the fact that even though many of the tools and techniques I had discovered as I developed my ability to learn weren’t new, I was never taught them in school.

...But Students Are Never Taught Properly How To Learn

In fact at that time, it was very rare indeed for students to be taught HOW to learn. They were only ever given the WHAT to learn.

And that frustrated me...

…which is why I chose to do something about it.

I decided to commit the next few years of my life to righting that wrong and help students discover and unleash their true learning potential.

But first I had to develop a degree of credibility in this field.

Because at this time I was a Submarine Engineer Officer in the Royal Navy - not necessarily the sort of credentials for helping students.

The development of my skills and knowledge had taken a scrawny teenager from a council estate who thought he had a poor memory to the very pinnacle of academic and professional achievement in the Armed Forces.

Whilst that journey in itself is impressive to many (so I am often told), I personally felt more was needed for me to be able to go and share what I had learnt to help other students.

How I Went From Struggling To Study To A Silver Medal At The World Memory Championships

So I entered and won the Silver Medal in the World Memory Championships.

I became one of the best competition memorisers in the world at that time.

Under the intense pressure of the competition environment, in the glare of the world’s media, I correctly memorised and recalled 1 pack of cards in under 3 minutes, 9 packs of cards in an hour, a 752 digit number also in an hour and 966 binary digits in 30 minutes (as well as a number of other memory feats)!

Now I didn’t do that because I have some weird natural gift for recall.

A few years earlier I thought, in fact I was convinced I had a poor memory.

But I was wrong.

I just had an incomplete skill set.

But once I discovered what was missing, understood the techniques, and then got good at applying them (ok VERY good), my achievements at the World Championships were as good as predictable.


The important thing for me was that if I could achieve those feats of recall on the memorisation of random sequences of cards and numbers, just think what could be done with them on more meaningful information.

I Have Now Helped Over 2 Million Students Just Like Your Teen Learn How To Learn

That was the hook I then used to launch a career in sharing these ideas with students of all ages.

I left the Navy and helped set up a company that went on to help over 2 million students discover these techniques. I personally worked with over 100,000 of these myself.

I went on to write 2 books on study skills and 2 books on memory improvement.

I have a list of media appearances that would make my Mom proud were she still alive.

I am regularly contacted by the press about these issues and that helps me share these ideas with more and more people around the world.

Here's one of my more recent TV appearances:

In fact even as I write this I have just been contacted by Sky News to comment on recent research that has identified it is possible to learn and remember just about anything we choose to.

The journey of helping students discover far more effective ways of learning and revising has been an absolute joy.

It is so rewarding to see the light brighten in teenagers’ eyes when they suddenly realise learning stuff can be much easier, far more enjoyable and MUCH more effective than the ways they have stumbled into.

They realise they still have to work but now they are working SMARTER instead of HARDER.

And of course these skills are useful to everyone because as the saying goes - “A rising tide raises ALL ships"

Teens Of ALL Abilities Can Benefit From Learning How To Learn

  • Someone labelled with "learning difficulties” can compete with their peers on an equal basis when they use these tools and techniques.
  • An “average” student can suddenly perform at the outstanding level (which was my personal experience).
  • And even high fliers can benefit from these skills to remove the stress of studying AND allow them more time to participate in other beneficial extra-curricula and sporting activities.

"So why aren’t these skills taught and developed at school?” you might be asking.

Well that is a great question and in many schools they are. In fact the company I helped found has worked with thousands of them.


This vital knowledge is often shared with students in a single lesson in the run up to exams - at a time when the last thing they want to be doing is learning SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!

The other reason is that in my opinion based on working with hundreds of schools myself, a school is not a learning environment.

Yes I will repeat that because it might appear a bit controversial.

A school is NOT a learning environment.

It is a teaching environment.

Despite what the glossy brochures and websites say, schools, colleges and universities are geared up to TEACH. Learning may or may not go on - it is not guaranteed.

Learning Skills Are Not Taught In Schools Properly Because A School Is Set Up For Teachers To Teach, Not For Learners To Learn

There are some fabulous teachers out there (I have met loads) but every teacher (including the good ones) suffers from the curse of knowledge.

They know their subject so well, and find it so easy, and have been a master of it for so long...

…that they have forgotten what it is like to stumble through the discovery phase of their subject.

They present their subject from the position of “knowing it” rather than from the position of “learning it”.

It’s not their fault. Every subject matter "expert" suffers from the Curse of Knowledge.

Teachers are also under pressure.

They focus on what is important for them to do (and what is the focus of government developed curricula) and that is to get through the material in the time allocated.

This is called COVERAGE - they cover their topic (and to be fair, many do a really good job of doing so).

But that is about transmitting (=teaching).

For the student it is about receiving (=learning).

Unfortunately the time taken to teach is usually much less than the time necessary to learn.

Learning is a completely different thought process...

Students Have To Figure Out The "Learning" Bit Of Their Education Themselves...

One students are usually left to their own devices to figure out.

And unfortunately the majority of them struggle with finding ways that are effective for them.

They end of using last minute cramming and get HUGELY stressed by doing so.

In their younger years they might have been able to get away with "night before study”to prepare for an exam because the subject matter was relatively light and their was less of it.

But as they approach some of the most important exams of their lives in their mid to late teens, the subject matter is far more complex and there is just far too much of it to leave things until the last minute.

But they do.

They get stressed.

They don’t perform as well as they could because they are stressed.

They don’t get the results they are capable of because they haven’t performed as well as they could have.

And as a caring and concerned parent (otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this) I know it will pain you to see them fall short of their potential like this.

...And Most Of Them Get It Catastrophically Wrong!

OR if they do manage to pull it off, it hurts you to see your loved one go through so much grief and stress especially if you know they don’t have to.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

There is a better way.

It still requires work.

BUT it is working SMARTER and not HARDER.

It is about working in a way that is aligned to the brain’s NATURAL learning mechanisms.

SPOILER ALERT - sitting passively staring at a text book for hours on end is NOT natural.

But There Is A Better Way...

I call it the Unfair Student Advantage.

It is an approach to harvesting, indexing, memorising and embedding new knowledge for long term recall that I have personally developed, one that I now teach and one that I still use myself today.

It is a unique approach to learning that will separate your teenager from “Ordinary Students” who don’t have the advantage.

Here is a summary video that will explain what it is.

This video comes from my online training course called the Unfair Student Advantage that over 5 modules will explain in detail and step by step the following:

  • How to structure notes in the most effective way so they will ALWAYS have whatever they need at their finger tips whenever they need it giving you (and them) both peace of mind AND saving precious time.
  • A powerful but simple to apply summarisation strategy that will quickly keep them reminded of what they have learnt so they will feel in control of their learning leaving nothing to chance when it comes to revision time.
  • The Super Successful Student “Secret Sauce” - a technique so easy and so obvious yet so misunderstood by many who already use it. This one approach ALONE could be all they need.
  • How to use the most powerful thinking tool available to students EVER invented. NOTE - Just like the “Secret Sauce” this is another approach that even on its own is worth the investment made in this programme.
  • Effective reading strategies for the busy student - how to rapidly devour books and reading material so they suck out ONLY what you need to learn and discard all the unnecessary padding.
  • How to use a toolbox of different memorisation strategies that not only allow them to commit ANYTHING to their long term memory AND give their brain a healthy mental workout BUT are also interesting and dare I say fun to apply.

Each module contains a number of short videos averaging between 3-7 minutes in length that demonstrate everything you and your teenager need to know to programme them with the Unfair Student Advantage.

But there are also THREE bonus modules:

BONUS Module 1 - Success for Ambitious Students

In this bonus they will discover the following:

* 9 things successful people do that they can replicate and apply to their learning
* The importance of not only being clear on what they want but what will get in the way too.
* A simple but profoundly powerful planning method that will have them automatically doing what they need to when they need to be doing it.
* The importance of feedback and why they need to keep focusing on what's left to do to stay motivated and not bask in the glory of how far they have come.
* The importance of being optimistic but how the wrong type of optimism can actually cause them to underperform and perhaps even fail.
* Why trying to prove how good they are will get in the way of their success.
* How they can easily build their will power muscle.
* What to do if temptation gets in the way.

Bonus Module 2 - Stress Reduction For Students

In this module which consists of a written guide and accompanying meditation audios they will discover the following:

* The challenges of stress facing today's student
* What stress is and why it can be a good thing as well as a bad thing for them (and for you)
* The impact stress has on their ability to learn and remember
* What happens when their mind freezes in an examination and what to do about it
* The devastating long term impact stress has on their health and well being and how to combat it.
* What they can easily do every single day to keep on top of their stress levels and remain calm and relaxed and thus stay in the perfect frame of mind for learning.

Bonus Module 3 - Last Minute Revision

This is probably the module ALL students want. It explains in detail how to use the components of the Unfair Student Advantage System to cram for an exam right at the last minute.

I debated whether or not to put this in because I am trying to help students AVOID that.

However, teenagers will be teenagers and so I have included exactly what to do if they do leave it until the last minute.

This is my flagship Study Skills Programme and one I am extremely proud of.

How much does it cost?

Well read on to see how you can get a copy of the Unfair Student Advantage for FREE.

How To Get The Unfair Student Advantage For FREE!

Let Me Work With You And Your Teenager Face To Face

Sometimes some people need first hand experience to really “get” something.

I know from personal experience I have made some of my biggest breakthroughs when I have personally been taken through things by a coach or presenter.

It has the following advantages:

  • You get to sit toe to toe with the “expert” and receive their advice an guidance DIRECTLY
  • You can ask questions of things you don’t understand and get answers IMMEDIATELY
  • They will show you how things actually work and how you can use them too
  • When they are willing to share their stuff face to face, there is a strong bet that it works and can work for you too

I have worked with thousands of students in large audiences but have restricted the amount of work I have done one on one purely because I was on the road so much.

However over the last couple of years I have been helping the kids of friends and word started to get out about how valuable this was for them.

So I decided to make it official and have now been offering this out to paying clients for a while now. Until recently this was by word of mouth but as it was starting to have a huge impact on the teens I was working with, I have started to promote it directly.

It is only a small part of the work I do and I will only personally coach a small handful of students who I think are up for the challenge and who will actually use what I teach (which is why there is a bit of an application process).

Here's How You Can Have Me Work Directly With Your Teen

So here is how it works:

STEP 1 - We speak on the phone to find out why you think your teenager needs the Unfair Student Advantage and whether they are the type who will actually use what I share.

If I don't think your teen will benefit from my help OR if you don't think my approach is right for them, then we will stop right there.

But, if the fit feels right for us BOTH then we move on to Step 2

STEP 2 - I work with your teenager AND you together for half a day to teach you both the fundamentals of the Unfair Student Advantage System.

I work with you both for this main reason:

By you experiencing the techniques and approach yourself, you will be able to support them in applying when the session is over.  You will also find the shared growth (because I can guarantee you will learn stuff too) will be a bonding experience too.

STEP 3 - You are provided FREE access to the Unfair Student Advantage Online Training Material to consolidate, reinforce and remind you of the things we will do together face to face.

STEP 4 - You will get TWO x 30 minute telephone calls with me over the 30 days after we work together to make sure you start working

STEP 5 - You get UNLIMITED Email support from me for a whole year to answer any ongoing questions you or your teenager have as you start using the system.

I am really proud of this system and have seen the benefits of those who apply the approach.

But I would say that wouldn’t I?

So don’t take it from me. Here’s what just a few of my happy clients have said about my one on one work with their teenagers.

Here's What My Most Recent Clients Have Said About Working With Me

Suganthy and Jenna Kugasathan

By Suganthy

Like any mother I want the best for my children and knowing the pressure my daughter was under in the run up to her GCSEs, I jumped at the chance of having Michael work with her to develop her memory and study skills because even though she is bright and was doing well at school, I did think she had a problem recalling information.  Now after working with Michael I am thrilled with the improvements I have seen.  It has changed the way she revises and it has been much more effective for her.  She did really well in her GCSE’s and we believe his intervention helped improve what were already really good grades.  I am very proud and extremely happy that she got 9 A*s and 2 A’s though I do joke with Michael that what he taught Jenna cost me more money in the bonuses I gave her for her results.

By Jenna

Before I started to work with Michael, I didn’t think I really needed any help – I was doing pretty well before he came along.  However with what Michael shared with me I realised I could not only do better, but actually be less stressed at the same time.  By applying some of his suggestions my revision became more effective because I was able to remember the stuff I had revised far more easily –  before I would not be able to recall it after as little as one day. Now it stays in for much longer which saves me time.  I am now much more confident about going into exams and am pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Michael.

Suganthy and Jenna Kugasathan

On behalf of Jessica and myself we wanted to say a big thank you for your time the other week.  Jess, was,  I think, a little nervous about meeting my writer/tv/radio/presenter/memory champion friend…… but you made her feel at ease within seconds of meeting,  ……..even with your ” hilarious,- down with the kids jokes!!!!”  (however…….do not wear baseball cap back to front….to far!!)

She understandably, wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the day but as we had done research together and you asked me lots of questions about we needed to achieve with her, the process went smoothly.

As the minutes progressed I could see her confidence growing and her inner belief in herself changing.  You told her she was great and once she started to believe….. all started to flow.  (She still tells me now that  she’s great!!)  She was quite visibly amazed that she could remember 10 very random  items in a matter of minutes, and with that I felt her confidence grew, and to be fair as I watched on…. my heart swelled  a little with pride for her.

Out of all the easy to understand and logical  methods you used, she particularly liked the number method but, likes the mind map the best.  Its such a great visual way to remember a whole heap of typed text. She can still recall both maps we did. ( I hope she studies Marco Polo soon at school!!)

I asked her how she felt about the day, she says she really enjoyed it and was surprised at herself and is now using mind mapping at school, which is fab. I have stressed she needs to be calm and logical and things will flow. She has told lots of people and was quite buzzy with it all afterwards!!

Charlie and Jess Mander

I asked Michael to come and spend some time with my son, who is in Year 10 fast approaching his mock exams. At James’ parents evening it became clear that his main setback to exam success was revision and subject recall. I knew Michael had previously done some work in this field and that his enthusiasm and knowledge would capture James’ attention.

Michael put James at ease, he talked through with him keys to success, what James thought were his stumbling blocks, how to relax when entering an exam and most importantly set him some tasks and techniques to prove that memory recall is possible for large chunks of information. Not everything can be learned from just listening alone and Michael adds humour, story telling, visual aids and reinforcement to help get his learning across.

Louise and James Wheeler

Warning - This Approach Does Not Always Work

But does this approach always work?


Well let me clarify that.

I teach principles and techniques that have been proven to work time and time again.

These are principles I have personally taught to over 100,000 young people and that have now been taught to over 2 million students through programmes I have designed.

But they only work if they are put to work.

Occasionally, when I coach a student they are all eager and keen on the day when they actually experience the power of the techniques themselves.

In fact they are absolutely amazed at how effective their ability to learn can be with just a few easy to apply strategies.

But then when it comes round to them doing it for themselves later when they are back at school or college...

Well they just don’t bother.

Even though they have seen, felt and heard them work when THEY have applied them during our session for some reason they just don’t get going with them.

Usually it is because they are too lazy or just not motivated enough to put the effort in.

Or perhaps they don’t have the confidence to try something new.

I must stress it is rare that this happens.

But I need to be honest with you that sometimes it does happen.

So this next bit is REALLY IMPORTANT because "You can take a student to their textbook but you can’t make them think.":



As you consider helping your teen, you have to be convinced they WILL take the opportunity presented to them to radically transform their learning skills.  Otherwise we'll both be wasting our time...


So if you think that your teen needs help in tapping into their potential even more AND you are convinced they are up to the challenge, let's just review what working with me means:

  • A half day session working one on one with me where I help you and your teen understand the fundamentals of the Unfair Student Advantage System so you can walk away and begin applying it immediately
  • FREE access to the online version of the Unfair Student Advantage complete with 45 short videos explaining EVERY aspect of the system and how to use it
  • TWO x 30 Minute Coaching Calls with me over the first 30 days to help get you up to speed FAST with applying the system
  • UNLIMITED e mail support from me for 12 months where you can ask me ANY question about how to maximise your use of the system AND any other question you have about learning, remembering and staying motivated

All you have to do now is call to find out whether this will work for you and your teen.


Don't decide now whether this will work for you.

Don't decide after speaking to me whether this will work for you.

Here's my 30 Minute Money Back Guarantee:

Guarantee Box icon-style-21

30 Minute Money Back Guarantee

If you decide within 30 minutes of starting the session with me that it is not going to have a significant effect on your Teen’s ability to learn then you can walk away right then and I will refund you in FULL.

You can even keep the free access to the Unfair Student Advantage as my way of saying Thank You for giving it a go.

So give me a call now on
+44(0)777 553 2612
or email me at
[email protected]