New Book Reveals: The Secrets of Successful Students - Super Speed Study Skills

Based on the work of Michael Tipper (Grand Master of Memory) and "Positively MAD", this enjoyable read will provide you with a variety of proven techniques to help you learn, enhance your ability to remember and demonstrate the power of Mind Mapping.  A valuable book perfect for students, parents and teachers.

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In this book You Will Discover...

  • How Successful Students Use Mind Mapping

    This powerful tool can be used for note taking, revision, remembering, planning and much, much more.

  • How To Remember Anything

    Being able to remember things you have to recall in examinations is VERY simple once you know how.  This book does exactly that

  • How To Study For Success

    There is a right way and a wrong way to organise yourself to study effectively – here you will discover the BEST way.

Here are some reviews from around the web for this book:


5 Star Review - I can not praise this book enough.  I work in education and this book covers everything for teaching study skills, in particular for those with special educational needs. CLP

5 Star Review - If nobody taught you how to study and learn, or you are still confused about how to use what you were taught (a confusion of mind maps, brain storming, colour charts, lists and diary Schedules) then this is probably the first book I'd buy to clear the decks and reorganise for effective studying. CD