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Get exclusive access to the latest cutting edge personal development and self improvement techniques and strategies AND detailed plans on how to apply them in your own life so you can benefit from them too.

Here is how you will benefit from the valuable information in this invitation only elite subscription service:

  • You Will Save Time

    Each Issue will pack as much as 20-30 hours worth of research that you don;t have to do into a much smaller and easily digestable format

  • You Progress Faster

    By following our “done for you” action templates, you will be able to successfully apply key techniques just as though you had a success coach on your shoulder telling you what to do.

  • You Will Control Your Destiny

    By taking action on the insights and success nuggets you will discover, you will be in that rare band of individuals who design their life rather than let life happen to them.

Every month you will get:

  • Monthly Magical Self Growth and Personal Development Insights

    You will get the inside track on some of the most progressive and effective peak performance psychology through probing interviews with some of the leading exponents in the Self Growth Field

  • Detailed Action Plans

    To save you the time and inconvenience of working out what to do yourself, you will get at least 3 detailed implementation plans of strategies that will help you in your personal and professional lives.

  • Detailed Video & Audio Summary Of A Best Selling Self Improvement Book

    Every month I will dissect a carefully selected self improvement book and provide you with a 20 minute video and audio summary.  This will save you SIGNIFICANT time from reading the book yourself.