Attention The Busy, The Stressed And The Occasionally Overwhelmed : Here's the best way to Improve Your Productivity so you get more of the important things done BEFORE they need to be done and eliminate destructive procrastination and banish harmful stress FOREVER.

"Discover The Power Of Leveraged Learning To Rapidly Eradicate ALL Your Hidden Ineffective Work Habits Unwittingly Causing Your Stress And Effortlessly Install Powerful New Personal Productivity Programmes Deep Into Your Subconscious That Will Have Your Family, Friends And Work Colleagues Convinced You Are On Some Secret Cocktail Of Effectiveness Steroids!"

Dear friend,

If you will take a moment to read this entire page, I promise the information here can change your life.

And that's no exaggeration!

Let me explain...

Many People Want To Be More Productive...

There's a great deal of people whose goal this year is to sort out their time management skills and start getting more things done from their ever expanding to do list.

They want to take back control of both their personal and professional lives and start enjoying it again.

They see the way forward is to get more stuff done quicker so they can then have more quality time to do the things that tragically have been put to one side because of the crushing commitments of work.

Unfortunately I am going to have to be brutally honest with you...

...But Wanting To And Actually Doing It Are Very Different

...Very few of them will actually succeed.

According to the research, 97 percent of those who set a goal of trying to improve their skills will fail repeatedly.

That 97 percent will quit trying before they reach their end goal.

As you can imagine, this is extremely disheartening.

Because if you are someone who knows you HAVE to start becoming more productive in the face of the onslaught of stuff that comes your way, there's a good chance you could fall into that 97%.

And if you're in that 97%, reaching your goal and having the time, the freedom and the resources to get more done so you can do the things you truly love becomes impossible.

It Is Possible To Be Part Of The Tiny Minority Who Succeed

But what if it you could somehow "defy" the odds, and tip the scales in your favour?

What if you could tap into a proven system, tailored and adapted to your individual needs, that not only allowed you to improve your personal productivity and professional effectiveness so you could get even more done, but also...

  • Allowed you to lead a more fulfilled and enjoyable life.
  • Have you experience tremendous satisfaction from the things you will regularly achieve.
  • Help you banish overwhelm and paralysis of analysis FOREVER.
  • Show you how to become stimulated by your work and not just stressed by it.

All this enabling you to become the architect of your both your Professional AND your Personal lives so you feel completely in control and more relaxed than you have possibly been for years?

Be Part Of A Revolutionary New Coaching Programme

Well, now you can with a brand new Coaching Programme that you won't find anywhere else but here.

Hello, my name is Michael Tipper and I've created a one of a kind Coaching Programme that's currently changing lives as you are reading this.

And the number of people this helps continues to grow much faster than I ever imagined.

This ground breaking Coaching Programme is providing extraordinary results for people around the world.

To be honest, I don't know of anything out there that's providing results like this programme does.

Here's why.

First, this is not the same regurgitated information you will find inside most Coaching Programmes.

You'll find no fluff or endless "jargon" in it,  because I know that won't help you reach your goals.

Which is why I carefully designed my Coaching Program to ensure it has ALL you need to improve your Personal Productivity so you can get more stuff done faster (yes even the difficult stuff) helping you lead an even more fulfilled and enjoyable life than ever before.

But secondly and perhaps more important to you, this is a programme that is tailored to your specific needs which is why I am coming out of "retirement" so I can personally work one on one with a just a select handful of ambitious and committed people.

The title of this Coaching Programme is called....

The Discipline To Deliver - Up Close And Personal

Inside I will share with you tips, secrets and strategies almost every Busy Person would kill for, if they knew they even existed...


This Programme Will Give You The Edge

Because it's the unfair advantage over their competition that would give them the edge..

  • The edge to get more done.
  • The edge to learn more.
  • The edge to EARN more.
  • The edge to lead a more balanced, fulfilled and rewarding life.

Now, if you're wondering what The Discipline To Deliver does...and...why it's able to help so many people, I'm more than happy to tell you.

The Discipline To Deliver is a 8 week coaching programme that's designed specifically to help you Improve your Personal Productivity and Effectiveness.

It is chock-full of secrets that can only be learned by actually experience...not "guesswork". Secrets such as:

  • What you absolutely have to do before even thinking about starting to improve your Productivity... (This alone has been worth a small fortune to me. Because it helped me save more that I would have otherwise sacrificed.)
  • How to understand exactly how to develop the discipline to do the right things, in the right place, at the right time so you can achieve more of your goals and aspirations quicker. (It's nowhere near as tough as you think. And it's probably different than you think as well!)
  • The secret to getting more stuff done fast, even if you've been a bit of a serial procrastinator in the past.
  • And much, much more!

Pretty amazing stuff wouldn't you agree?

This is a complete "over the shoulder" look at how to eradicate old BAD time management habits AND install brand new and HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE rituals and routines that will become automatic.

...AND I will show you how to adapt the most effective tools for ramping up your productivity to your individual circumstances.

Some of these tools have been around for years and you may well be aware of them.

But if you are not using them then they might as well not exist.

I love the phrase "To KNOW and not to DO is not to KNOW".

I will give you the "KNOW" and will have you do the "DO" (even using tough love if I have to!).

Some of the techniques and approaches I will share with you I can guarantee you won't know about because they have arisen out of the very latest neuro-scientific research OR, I have developed them myself.

Either way, you will come to understand them and we will work together to have you apply them in YOUR life and make them work for YOU.

Grow And Develop Your Discipline EVERY DAY In Manageable Incremental Shifts

You will be taken step-by-step through a series of small shifts in your daily activities and your approach to the way you work.

On a day to day basis the progress you make will be subtle and perhaps indistinguishable to the un-trained eye.

Every day you will build your discipline muscles, bit by bit, task by task.

However because you will be making micro-changes EVERY day, these will add up so by the end of the 8 weeks, the changes will be MASSIVE.

Your family, friends and colleagues will wonder what the heck has happened to you.

Because you will be like an achievement MACHINE!

What you'll discover in this programme literally has the power to change ALL aspects of your life - mental, emotional, physical, financial, relationships and career - FOREVER.

And that's no exaggeration!

But why would you - or should you - listen to me?

This Programme Is Based On Practical & Proven Strategies Already Taught To Over 3000 Business Leaders

Well, besides the fact I know how to skilfully create radical shifts in even the most reluctant coaching subject, these secrets have changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined.

Because I only teach what I have personally applied, tested and adapted so that it works EVERY time.

These are the techniques I have shared with over 3000 leaders in one of the most highly regulated and pressured industries in the world.

Now it's your turn to profit from these secrets, tips and strategies too!

These include:

  • How your Mindset (and I don't mean positive thinking) can make or break your attempts to become more productive and what you can do to be CERTAIN you have the right one.
  • How two simple circles will change the way you look at your personal productivity growth FOREVER
  • How to identify and obliterate ineffective time wastage to make space for value adding productive habits
  • The power of habit - how to create and embed amazingly effective new ones whilst retiring energy sucking inefficient ones
  • The simple two step approach to planning your day and executing your activities that will leave you calm and relaxed at night and energised and raring to go in the morning.
  • 5 simple ways to harness the productivity power of your smartphone so you become its' master and not its' slave
  • How to create massive physical and mental energy so you operate alert, focused and disciplined for MUCH Longer
  • Identification of productivity friction - hidden stumbling blocks that get the way of you being at your best - and what to do about them.
  • Understand why it's not your fault you are addicted to distraction AND what you can do to develop laser focus and intense concentration
  • Discover why you CAN'T multi-task, why it's not good for your mental health let alone your productivity and what you can do instead.
  • Develop your very own personalised strategy to quickly and easily prioritise your tasks so you only expend your energy on the most important, value adding activities
  • Revealed - a simple task planning system that is quick to set up and EASY to use that will help you banish overwhelm FOREVER whilst allowing you to INCREASE your output
Steve Marriott

Michael has a unique ability to challenge the paradigm of ‘efficiency’ and productivity. His gift is in engaging his audience to honestly examine every aspect of their busy lives and create simple, sustainable change for the better. Energetic, passionate and uncompromising, Michael is my ‘Go To Guy’ for all things productivity.

Steve Marriott, Steve Marriott Coaching
Gail Biddulph

Michael Tipper is engaging, fast thinking and knows his stuff at a world class level.   I’ve worked with Michael, shared a stage with him and had him speak at my business events. Michael’s session on productivity gave so many answers to problems business people experience every day.  The practical solutions were delivered in his inspiring, fun and memorable style.  That means his messages are real, engaging and stick.  That’s important.  When you work with Michael, you will be wowed by a premier league professional.

Gail Biddulph, Business Strategist
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See If You Qualify To Join

This Programme is not for the faint hearted but for those who are willing to listen, learn and leverage what they are taught. Apply Now -->

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Here's how it works:

It Starts With a "Pre-School" Week...

Before we dive into the actually coaching and skill development we will work together in this first week to understand a few key things that will allow me to understand YOU better so I can laser guide the coaching to meet your unique goals and objectives.

Together we will identify the following:

  • Exactly what it is YOU want to achieve from the programme
  • We will do a detailed analysis of the problems getting in the way of you getting what you want done
  • We will prioritise your list of objectives
  • You will complete a number of profile questionnaires to help me identify where your strengths and preferred working styles lay
  • We will also decide whether we can work together and either party can call a halt at this point (yes I have "sacked" clients before who I didn't think this would work for). If we discover it's not for you at this point then you will get a FULL REFUND

...And Then We Get Into The Actual Coaching

Then once we have done that, we will get into the actually coaching part of the programme which looks like this:

  • Step 1 - Digest Course Material

    Every week, you will be provided the next course material module in written and audio format for you to digest

  • Step 2 - Apply What You Have Learnt

    You will then have a week to follow the action plans provided for you and use the techniques you have been taught

  • Step 3 - One on One Coaching & Feedback

    We will then get on Skype and dissect your experiences of the week as well as give you additional coaching

Your Discipline Development Will Evolve Through Leveraged Learning

And this is repeated every week for 8 weeks.  A repeating cycle of LEARN, LEVERAGE your efforts and then a REFLECTION on your experiences that puts you in control of the development of your discipline and personal productivity under my personal guidance and coaching.

The your discipline development and the coaching will alternate between these two modes:

  • Cutting Edge Strategies

    You will be drip fed a range of cutting edge productivity methodologies for you to apply and integrate into your daily work patterns.

  • Adaptions To Your Needs

    We will then explore your unique circumstances and adapt and refine the methodologies available to suit YOUR specific needs

And Finally Here's How We Will Wrap It Up...

At the end of the 8 weeks of coaching there is what I will call a "Set Down Week".

Having spent the last 8 weeks being guided and coached by me, we will make sure your new habits and rituals are firmly installed.

We will also create an action plan for you moving forward on how you are going to continue to use what you have learnt about yourself and how you can continue to get the most from your time and energy.

The Only 8 Week Coaching Programme That Lasts 10 Weeks!

You will probably have noticed I have talked about two weeks additional to the 8 weeks of coaching.

Yes this 8 week coaching programme lasts for 10 weeks!

Having the Pre-School Week and the Set Down Week are absolutely vital to your success in developing your Discipline to Deliver.

And more importantly, you won't be charged any extra for these additional weeks.

This Programme Is Not For Everyone

What I want to make clear at this point is that this programme is not for everyone.

I might be the wrong person to coach you...

... you might not be coachable (though we'd establish that very quickly in the first week).

I know the tips, tools and techniques I will share with you do work, because I have made them work for myself AND I have helped countless others do the same.

Whilst I will teach you things, this programme has been designed to help you help yourself...

...To develop your discipline around a carefully selected handful of strategies that have been tailored to help you achieve your specific goals far quicker and in the most effective way possible.

And so it takes a special kind of person to respond and adapt to the coaching to achieve the results they want.

Not everyone is capable of doing it.

And of those that are, only a handful have the mental strength and emotional courage to be successful.

It is those people I want to work with.

So do you qualify?

Click on the big green button below Now to find out.

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This Programme is not for the faint hearted but for those who are willing to listen, learn and leverage what they are taught. Apply Now -->

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