Michael Tipper's
Self Guided
Self Development

Tales Of A Battle-Scarred Self Improvement Junkie Stumbling His Way Through This Thing Called LIFE


About Michael...

Michael Tipper has been actively involved in the people development business for nearly 20 years.


He has been struggling to overcome his own self-diagnosed shortcomings (whether they be real or imaginary) for MUCH longer than that (with varying degrees of success).

He prostitutes himself through a variety of media that includes writing, speaking, training, coaching, facilitating and consulting.

Professionally he divides his attention between:

    • Helping professional people become more productive and get MUCH more from their time.
    • Guiding those interested in further expanding their skills and knowledge to develop their learning, memory and thinking abilities.
    • And helping develop leaders in large organisations.

    What this generally means is aligning the way ambitious, professional people think to the way their brain actually works so they can stop doing stupid things and start getting more out of their energy and efforts.

    Personally he often finds himself at the end of a busy week asking himself (of the week’s events) - “What The F*@%?”

    When not gazing in to his navel (which he can still see because of his regular yoga practice, slightly obsessive exercise routine and (to some) annoyingly healthy eating regime) there are other things he does.

    You might find him roaring around the Cotswolds on his BMW F800GS, sipping a green tea in some veggie juice bar type establishment looking smugly superior because of his most recent yoga class (yes he will usually be sat on his own at this point) or planning his next project.

    He has written books, he has been on TV and radio, he does have a media clippings file that would make his Mom proud were she still alive and quite a few people have listened to him share his thoughts on quite a few stages at quite a few conferences and events across the UK, Europe and the US.

    He has been described as many things…

    ...some of which have not been pleasant.

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